About OSB.

Ozsportsbikes was born from the ashes in July 2003 and has grown over the years to become the thriving community it is today.

OSB (as most people now call it) was created due to frustration at the time with the lack of Australian Sportsbike websites. I searched the internet for weeks looking for sportsbike websites and usually found myself looking at a site that was predominantly American. Although these sites were OK, they did not cover any issues that we as Australian riders have to face day to day. Hence the creation of ozsportsbikes.com, dedicated to Australian motorcyclists.

After the creation of OSB, we actually managed to find a couple of other Aussie websites related to motorcycling, but they didn’t give us the right “feeling” of belonging. OSB is proud to have a community that in general, welcomes all new riders into our community.

Almost 15 years on now and you can find many many more Aussie bike sites starting to crop up. All conceived from members of OSB or some of the other large forums with ideas of duplicating a good idea. Some of these survive, some don’t, yet OSB grows from strength to strength each year.

We have endured many “lifestyle” changes through OSB as new members join and we have persevered with new riders that “know everything” to be able to show them that no one really does know everything and we can all learn something new from time to time.

Today, OSB has a established position within Australia and will continue to grow stronger as each year passes. Over the years we have also created great partnerships with reputable businesses and enjoy contributions from those businesses in the way of knowledge and also products that we use for competitions with all members.

A Bit About Myself.
I am NOT a motorcycle expert.. but rather a bit of a computer geek that enjoys the freedom that riding a motorcycle provides. Born in Brisbane, I now reside on the beautiful Gold Coast and enjoy the mountain roads that exist nearby.

Currently I do not have a ride, but I have gained many fantastic friends through OSB that loan me a ride from time to time so that I can enjoy the company of other OSB members out on a weekend ride.

The Future.
I hope to see OSB grow into a nationally recognised source of information for riders within Australia.
Along the way I am sure we will see many changes within the OSB website and also within it’s members. We as a community may eventually be large enough to have a voice within the community to be able to tackle some of the every growing concerns faced on a daily basis by motorcyclists everywhere. Big visions.. but one must aim high to ever be successful.

If your new to riding.. please.. join our friendly community and enjoy the company of many like minded people. I may be lucky enough to meet you out on a ride some day.

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