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    When the first vtec vfr800s came out I rode one and wasn’t impressed. The bike was pretty flat powerwise and would suddenly ‘jump’ when you reached certain revs – usually at the most inappropriate times – nearly causing an incident on the test ride. I decided I couldn’t trust it so I went for the silky smooth engined Blackbird. The ‘bird was heavy but once underway easily turned , very stable, predictable, extremely good for 2 up riding long distance riding  and in rough and challenging weather .


    Go forward to 2017. I tested a 2014 vfr800 and found it to have more useful power down low. However it took some time to adjust to the vtec stepping in suddenly and aggressively at about 6000 revs. Below that rev range there isn’t a lot – the average 600 sports bike has more power and torque overall and more importantly weighs much less – the vfr weighs about 230kg – only 10kg or so less than the ‘bird with only 105hp so it’s not fast in a straight line. The vtec steps in suddenly and usually just as you are passing a car at about 100 in gear 5 accelerating much faster than what you wanted too, using gear six is not suggested as the bike is not quick enough to do quick passes – especially uphill or if you are a bit beefy like me.


    When the vtec comes in it gives a very strong pull – just a little slower than a standard 1000cc sportsbike but once you hit 9,000 there is nothing more. Not for high speed runners. However, if you stay with the bike long enough and learn it’s ways it can be very effectively used in the mountains and twisty forests. With decent tyres it can keep the 750-1000cc sportsbikes in site but you have to know its ways and have decent tyres. I’ve learned to love it and use it fairly effectively. With the right tyres and pressure – it seems to need high pressures to work at its best but it’s quite capable if you use it right. It could really do with a power upgrade though – it’s a 800cc engine that produces less power than a 600cc sports bike – that needs to change. It should never be a power machine but it really ought to be about 110-120hp. The exhaust and induction sound is as great as ever! 🙂



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