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    Welcome to the new OSB Forums
    Yeah may work, may not, But I am happy to try, and fail.. than not try at all.
    The original OSB forums is where my heart always will be so going back to a dedicated forum seems like the right thing to do.
    Others, even long term OSB members will criticise this move and may very well not even join us here. So be it.

    Far from being complete…
    I still have a shit load of work to do to this site in the way of appearance and also adding a heap of plug ins (features) to make this a great place to be.

    I don’t intend to pull the pin on the Facebook group. In fact, I hope to integrate the group into this site in some way shape or form. It is possible to automatically share posts from here to FB, but I’ll have to test these options to see if they work the way we need.

    Until then… Enjoy.
    Remember… whether your part of OSB here or on FB.. it’s nothing without your contributions.. so post up some new topics and replies.

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